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What Executor's Aide offers your clients:

1) Estate Fraud Protection – daily electronic notification to key organizations (including Equifax and TransUnion) that a person has died. Intended to prevent Deceased Identity Fraud/Theft.

2) Aftercare Documents – can be printed and given to the Executor/Family to assist them in starting the Estate Administration process. Includes cancellation/application for:

CPP Death and Survivor's benefits

HRDC Income Security Programs (cancel OAS and CPP payments)

Canada Revenue Agency re-calculation of benefit entitlement form

Personalized letters for credit card, insurance, and pension companies

3) Client Website – client access to the Executor's Aide website which includes Executor information, customized forms and letters, articles, and relevant links.

4) Custom printable Executor's Aide Workbook – the information, forms, checklists, and letters from the website in printed format customized with your Funeral Home name and personalized for each client

What Executor's Aide offers your funeral home:

  • A service that is proven to be appreciated and valued by clients
  • Enhanced client services with minimal effort and cost
  • Demonstrates to clients, and potential clients, that your services do not stop at the cemetery
  • Differentiation from competitor service offerings
  • Full compliance with Privacy Laws
  • Only offered through participating Funeral Service Providers

For further information please contact us by email at info@ProgressiveEstateSolutions.com

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