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Executor’s Aide is a division of Progressive Estate Solutions Inc.  We are a federally incorporated company located in Mississauga, Ontario.  Since the launch of our Estate Fraud Protection service in 2005, over 680,000 clients have benefited from the peace of mind this service provides. 

Progressive Estate Solutions is committed to providing Estate Settlement services that provide Executors with information and tools to save them time and effort, while assisting Service Providers with low cost, low resource, extensions of their core service offerings.

Our clients include leaders in the Funeral and Financial Services industries as well as Employee Benefit Administration companies.

Our key services include

 Estate Fraud Protection:  Daily electronic notifications to key organizations protects against Identity Theft while saving families time and hassle.

 Legal Services Plan:  A 12-month membership delivers free phone-based legal assistance and (if needed) discounted referrals.  Covering many topic areas in addition to Estate-related legal matters, there is also an option to renew/extend the membership.

 Customized Executor Assistance Programs:  An extension of your current offerings with your branding, featuring services such as Estate Fraud Protection, Legal Assistance Program, and Websites and Workbooks.

Funeral Service Provider Information

If you are a Funeral Service Provider that would like more information on offering our services to your clients please see our FSP Information Page

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For more information please contact us at:
          6-2400 Dundas Street West, Suite 308
         Mississauga, Ontario       L5K 2R8
          Office:  (905) 822-7675
          Toll Free: (888) 421-6685
          Fax:     (877) 511-1917
          Email:   info@ExecutorsAide.com

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